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My name is David de Koning and I am a producer and audio engineer with a decade of experience in making music.

I have gone above and beyond to make the musical ideas of myself as well as many artists that have crossed my path come true. By doing this, I have developed the skills and techniques to apply this to any musical project.

It is my great passion to assist people in making their songs truly come to life.

As an artist myself, I know exactly where you may get suck on the way to a finished, polished record ready to meet the world. This is why I have applied my experiences to a custom process now available to you.

The Process

This is the method I have personally developed to finish my songs and feel great about them. I've adapted it to help anyone do the same.

person in red and black plaid long sleeve shirt using black laptop computer
person in red and black plaid long sleeve shirt using black laptop computer

1-on-1 call

the first step is an analytical one. Together we analyze the song, how far it is, and most importantly where you want to take it. The things we will discuss are the writing, production, and sonic choices. Going over these in detail works twofold. It takes out the guesswork for me to help you get the result you really want as fast as possible. Additionally, it helps you determine what version of the song will truly make you feel great about it in the end.

Receive Quote

man in brown jacket sitting at a table looking at laptop
man in brown jacket sitting at a table looking at laptop

After discussing the creative components, I will make a quotation for the project. This will outline exactly what I will do and the corresponding prices . This largely depends on the scope of the project and how much of the process you would like me to handle. I will listen to your needs and offer options on services that I believe will truly add value to your song. After this, it is still entirely up to you how much you would like me to execute. You remain in control of the project, every step of the way.

After accepting the quote, it's time for me to make the magic happen in the studio

That exact process will of course be custom to your project and specified in the quote, but the phases standardly include the following:

turned-on touchpad
turned-on touchpad
a close up of a sound mixing console
a close up of a sound mixing console
black and gray speakers on brown wooden table
black and gray speakers on brown wooden table




  • arrangement

  • adding of components, e.g. drum tracks (where necessary, and as agreed upon beforehand)

  • Balancing of all levels

  • adjusting for the style and genre of the track

  • using world-class plugins and gear

  • Mastering to modern loudness requirements for streaming services

  • 48 khz/24bit wav file delivery

  • Stems

  • mp3 (upon request)

That Special Something

My philosophy when it comes to audio is to let the modern meet the vintage. To have the clinical elements balanced out with the organic. This is why I specialize in, for example, adding modern drum production, samples, and vocal correction to a classic rock band composition.

By doing so, I am able to marry various genre's together and create unique-sounding pockets when it comes to sculpting a unique sonic palette for your track.

Real Players

On the other side of the spectrum, modern-day music players often feature entirely digital productions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, however, there is something special that happens when a real musician picks up what is written digitally.

Beyond the potential boost in sonics, there is a creative collaboration that takes place between the writer and the performer of a piece. In my experience, this is often what has brought a track to life when combined well with other less organic elements.

To take full advantage of my experience with this phenomenon, I exclusively offer a service to have your tracks performed by a real musician. In my extensive networks, there are several options available such as piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, etc. players who can interpret and record parts of your song.

Should this be a good fit for your song, I will be sure to suggest it during the analysis of your project. If you already have in mind exactly what you would like to have recorded by a real musician? Scroll down to reach out to me straight away so I can coordinate with the player as soon as possible!

man in black leather jacket playing blue electric guitar
man in black leather jacket playing blue electric guitar

About Me

I am an experienced audio engineer with a passion for creating exceptional musical productions. With over half a decade of expertise in various genres, I specialize in crafting customized mixes and masters that perfectly complement the artist's unique style.

I have had the opportunity to work with artists from various genres, ranging from pop to rock to hip-hop. My passion for music and my technical expertise allow me to bring their artistic vision to life. Whether it's mixing and mastering tracks, recording vocals, or producing beats, I strive to create a sound that is unique to each artist and resonates with their audience. Collaborating closely with musicians, I understand the importance of capturing the essence of their music and translating it into a captivating and professional final product. Through the years, I have honed my skills and developed a keen ear for detail, ensuring that every project I work on exceeds expectations.

Feel like we're a match? Or just want to chat? Feel most welcome to send me a message using the contact form below, and I will get back to you within a day!

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